Selling my Cadillac Catera

Car is in excellent/mint condition Since I’ve had it it’s been driven mostly highway miles. A service history has been kept of what has been done to the car and will be available for view at test driving as well as buyer can keep the info for reference. Obviously it is used and will be sold as-is (great condition with barely any scratches on the paint even). Car has plenty of power and still makes it to 100mph easily. Has a speed boost mode too. Contact info is on for sale sign attached below. Also view-able on Craigslist.

Items for sale on eBay

As I’ve found myself with an excess amount of things not being currently used time to do some summer cleaning (to late for spring cleaning I guess). My items for sale on eBay can be found using

At the moment I have a netgear nighthawk R7000 for sale – will be adding several canon camera lenses (over the next few days as I have time to snap pictures of them) that are redundant which I won’t be needing and have been very lightly used along with other adapter(s) as well.


Upcoming Event

So turns out the company I work for National Auto Stores will be hosting a Mobil 1 event August 16th 11AM to 1PM at the 1814 Tilghman St store in Allentown. They’ll have Mobil 1’s mascot on site and the “wheel” of prizes. Plus the chance to win FREE tickets for Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs (for anyone who likes baseball games). To me sounds like a way to do something different and positive. Event Listing




feeling accomplished albeit slightly

Well today marks having over 700 days uptime on the ESXi 4.x supermicro built at work. Yet another reason I typically like to run vmware esxi for virtual hosting (at this point especially seems more and more like the right tool for the job). Talk about a solid piece of equipment!

Finally got some forward motion

After having pushed off getting a short URL site up and running for several weeks it’s now begun. is up and running (for anyone looking to have automatically shortened URLs for their site feel free to make use of the service). To hopefully alleviate spam issues however anonymous access is not permitted (you can easily login using facebook, twitter, or google, or create a standalone account not tied to social media). Currently there are both and to choose from for shortened URLs. This site is based off premium url shortener and as such supports being used with their wordpress plugin as well (for any running wordpress blogs/sites).

Word of caution with sales lead type websites (Yelp type listings)

From my recent experience with Yelp advertising it’s definitely something to steer clear of. I’ve been taken for a ride with them and their “sales leads.” They call and tough sell you on a set advertising budget each month and try to sell you with a ton of statistics on how many users use their directory to find services. On top of this I was promised I should see a return on investment (ROI) with them in all of a couple months of advertising with them. Obviously they can not guarantee such in writing (in hindsight I should of gotten it in writing from them as a clause). The best part is even with their lowest plan they expect 1yr of ad revenue before letting you out of the “contract” without a termination fee.

My professional advice to everyone is STEER CLEAR of such sites as Yelp for any type of advertising. I’d have to liken them to how google adwords is. It just is not fiscally sound to throw money at a company who “claims” they’ll provide you “leads” but doesn’t want to back it up with an “out clause/satisfaction clause” built into their “contract.”

That time of year again (PennDOT apparently will never learn)

Well it’s that time again apparently. That is time for me to gripe about PennDOT trying to make a mess of things using the wrong tool for the job (guess they’ll never learn). Think of it as trying to fit a round peg into a smaller square hole (not the best analogy but you get the idea).

As if it’s not enough to have pulled my back this past weekend (dealing with health problems) among other things to have just pulled in to see PennDOT coming down the street plow down with the side attachment on the truck (that they use for doing the highways). The best part is when the lady driving stops to give me a hard time when she’s the one who clearly has no idea what she’s doing (the edge of the road on our street is the white line which is clearly visible in my driveway which is in line with the snow). They do this every year trying to widen the road when there is no more road left to plow (shoulder wise that is). (See the pictures above this post for reference)

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to all
Let us celebrate without hesitation the miraculous birth of the Son of God our Wonderful Counselor!
Isaiah 9:6 – ESV
For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

The Minis are taking over!Talk about lawn decorations
I know I haven’t seen everything but talk about getting a reminder. Leave it to Walmart on FL-535 in Orlando to have a WALL of mini and mickey mice/mouses… Talk about one heck of a neat looking display (referring to both mini and the lawn decoration we saw). Needless to say I think this picture made a certain niece of ours overjoyed 😉

At this point looking forward to the trip back home and seeing our friends and families for Christmas.