Just got my PC Repair business setup on HomeAdvisor recently. Granted they charge for the leads of course plus advertising/membership fees each year however thus far it appears to be well worth it (and they have credited the bad leads thus far but who knows I might get stuck paying for a bad one once Read More …

Items for sale on eBay

As I’ve found myself with an excess amount of things not being currently used time to do some summer cleaning (to late for spring cleaning I guess). My items for sale on eBay can be found using http://get2.co/schpceb. At the moment I have a netgear nighthawk R7000 for sale – will be adding several canon Read More …

New logo for East Texas Photography

My friend Darren over at Royal Graphic Studios came through in a major way with the design for our new logo. Now I’ll be able to do proper watermarking and the next phase is business card designing (already have a template in mind just need to get some photography done).

feeling accomplished albeit slightly

Well today marks having over 700 days uptime on the ESXi 4.x supermicro built at work. Yet another reason I typically like to run vmware esxi for virtual hosting (at this point especially seems more and more like the right tool for the job). Talk about a solid piece of equipment!

Finally got some forward motion

After having pushed off getting a short URL site up and running for several weeks it’s now begun. get2.co is up and running (for anyone looking to have automatically shortened URLs for their site feel free to make use of the service). To hopefully alleviate spam issues however anonymous access is not permitted (you can Read More …